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Anna & Olaf in the Enchanted Forest (Disney)

Anna & Olaf in the Enchanted Forest (Disney)

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Meander through misty fog in the Enchanted Forest, ruled by the elemental spirits earth, water, wind, snow, and fire. Mossy woods and Tamarack trees are met by the alluring aroma of juniper berries and birch leaves for a truly multi-faceted sensorial experience. “Inspired by the mysterious nature behind the Enchanted Forest, I created a fragrance intended to capture the true scent of these misted woods. In order to do so, I incorporated Givaudan's headspace technology called ScentTrek® which captures the scent of the plants and flowers directly in nature in order to recreate an authentic aroma without harming the species. The Tamarack Larch Forest ScentTrek® was paired with the scent of wild berries and freshly fallen leaves to capture all facets of the surrounding woodlands." -Stephen Nilsen, Scent Designer



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